World Trade Center terrorist attack

Pentagon on fire - Image 2
Pentagon on fire - Image 3
Pentagon on fire - Image 4
Pentagon on fire - Image 5
Pentagon on fire - Image 6
Pentagon on fire - Movie

Image 1 (Stolen from a news web site so that Margaret, who was at work and was unable to access any of the major news web sites due to the heavy load on the internet, could see what was going on; obviously, I did not see this out my window)

Cover of the latest album by rap group "The Coup" - this cover was put up on their web site 3 months before the attack on the World Trade Center

Proposed design of the new World Trade Center - Rumor has it that this was designed by the engineering students at FU

The infamous Devil Face picture - You can read more about this spooky image by going to the Urban Legends site.